From our SCS Standard System we can advise on

  • New solutions for private cages with highest security for your Data Centre
  • Extensions of any existing SCS system
  • Add-ons and if applicable adjustments for existing systems for more safety

Just let the SCS team guide you!

New steel cage developments including up to date solutions to fulfil the essential requirements

The SCS-Benefits:

  • Efficiency by high security against break-ins while at the same time ensuring air permeability for sufficient cooling and maintaining a consistent room climate
  • Quality is based on production expertise at FACO plant
    > Manufacture on CNC-controlled sheet metal machines
    > Long-term experience in production of cages for data centres
    > Well trained employees for handling and installation
  • Flexibility in terms of
    > Scalability by using a modular panel system
    > Reusability through a flexible connection technology
    > Design through a variety of different panel types and free choice of colours
    > Delivery times, high service level thanks to flexibly adapted stockpiling
  • High Security by
    > Selection of specific materials and targetly utilized panel types
    > Processing quality of all system components
    > Consideration of the relevant fire protection regulations
    > Construction of door versions and optional locking systems 
    > Integration of your access control systems

Get us on board and get your data centre security supported – right from the start!

From the initial planning phase right through to finished Secure Cage installation on site, SCS offers full service:

  • The comprehensive and qualified consulting on site
  • The preparation of planning documents such as cage construction plans
  • The on-site measurement and inspection
  • The construction and production 
  • The delivery and qualified installation

We work in close consultation with you to meet your needs.

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