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For data centers/colocations:

We support you from the beginning of your planning, through design and production to assembly as a reliable partner in your project.

The element and panel construction of the SCS Cages allows maximum flexibility and scalability - thus the system can be used in almost any building structure and can be designed completely freely in terms of floor space and height.

Cage Systems for your company

Especially due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, many companies are faced with the challenge of controlling access to servers, files or other carriers of sensitive data and thus ensuring the permanent availability of the data.

Our standardized, compact safety cages are easier, more flexible and above all safer to integrate than, for example, drywall. Available either as a complete package for self-assembly or including assembly service, they can be customized in terms of color and expanded at any time.

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Quality made in Germany: Many years of experience and proven competence from FACO-Metalltechnik production

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Completely flexible in floor space and height: The modular panel design from SCS

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Consulting, planning, construction, production and assembly - all from one source

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Made in Germany

Our Cage Systems

SCS produces special partition systems for Steel Cages as well as the related accessories. Our products provide a high level of security against intrusion while ensuring air permeability for sufficient cooling and maintaining a uniform indoor climate - whether you are planning a cold aisle or hot aisle for your data center enclosure or want to protect a server in your company from access.

Represented throughout Europe

We are there for our customers

We produce in Germany, deliver and assemble throughout Europe and are represented with our diverse, individual solutions in the leading data centers and companies.


We fully understand the desire for discretion resulting from the security requirements of our customers - therefore we do not list concrete references here.

Participant of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the BSI

As a participant in the Alliance for Cyber Security of the BSI, SCS supports reliable and error-free functioning of information and communication technology and thus contributes to protecting against reduction or failure of operational capability.


Web presence of the Alliance for CyberSecurity: 

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