Modular design and construction

Unlimited flexibility in floor space and height

SCS Secure-Cage-Systems offers you a variety of flexible solutions, which consist of different cage components and materials. In doing so, we meet the most diverse requirements in terms of safety, air permeability and appearance. Due to the modular design and construction, our cages can be enlarged, reduced or even converted at any time - for optimal use of space.

Our panels in various designs also enable the use of different air-conditioning concepts such as cold or hot aisle enclosures:

  • SCS-Panel HS „High Safety“  (Perforated plate panel)
  • SCS-Panel AP „Air Permeability“ (Perforated plate panel)
  • SCS-Panel PP „Privacy Protection“ Closed steel panel)
  • SCS-Mesh Panel „Raised Floor Protection“ (Panel made from ppot welded wire mesh)

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