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Compact and secure: A Secure Cage for servers and sensitive documents

SCS compact security cages provide a physical security barrier for servers or file archives. Either as a standard version in various designs and sizes or as a completely customized solution adapted to the local conditions in your company.

The advantages

  • Air circulation through the use of perforated plates
  • Burglar-resistant due to small gap dimensions and secure locking systems
  • More flexible than any static wall: room-in-room solution as a complete cage or as a partition wall, expandable and configurable according to your needs
  • Color customizable: choose from different RAL or DB colors
  • Complies with DSGVO §32 Abs.(1) b)

Flexible due to modular design

All safety cages can grow with your requirements. Due to the simple design, the flexible and modular system can be expanded at any time.
The safety bolting from the inside and the highest processing quality through CNC-controlled manufacturing offer you maximum safety - the necessary air permeability is adaptable through the use of different perforations.

Our cage panels can be manufactured with different perforations depending on the intended use and requirements. With square, slotted or hexagonal perforations, different perforations are available to choose from. With the help of these perforations, the various requirements for opacity and air circulation can be met.

Various other perforations are of course available as options. Please contact us!

Security levels

The locking systems used in our Secure Cages include intelligent, flexible and secure solutions for access control to your cage on request. We supply locks and locking systems from dormakaba and ASSA ABLOY:

  • Door fittings
  • Standard locks
  • Standard locks with e-opener (with/without feedback)
  • SVP Locks - Self-Locking Panic Locks
  • Additionally: Biometric access control systems such as card reader, fingerprint, vein scanner
  • Preparation for the installation of your locking system and can be integrated into the existing locking system


Our safety cages can, of course, be individualized or adapted to your corporate identity: With a lasered company logo or a paint finish according to your wishes: Within the framework of the RAL or DB color spectrum, all colorings can be implemented. As standard, our security cages are supplied in RAL 9006 (white aluminum).

Become a sales partner now

Become an exclusive distributor of SCS and benefit from a wide range of advantages and opportunities:

  • Open up a new business segment and expand your product portfolio
  • Activate your existing customers
  • Optional: Your company logo on the SCS website
  • Tour of our show cages for employees and customers
  • Sales documentation provided by SCS
  • Service and consulting by SCS
  • Digital training provided by SCS
  • No approach and contact to end customers by SCS
  • Flexible cooperation possibilities, e.g. commission-based


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Safety cages variants

  • Finish steel powder coated
  • Suitable for self-assembly or assembly by a specialist company
  • Floor/ceiling or floor/rail mounting
  • Example shows the smallest standard solution 1560 x 1560 mm
  • Height of the cage 2400 mm (also possible ceiling high)
  • Design in perforated plate HS-High Safety
  • Hinged door with closed panels (PP Privacy Protection)
  • Standard lock

Price example: EUR 2.900,-*

  • Finish steel powder coated
  • Assembly by specialist company
  • Floor/ceiling or floor/rail mounting
  • Example shows total length 9600 mm with 2 partitions 2400 mm acc. to illustration
  • Height of the cage 2400 mm (also possible ceiling high)
  • Perforated plate version HS-High Safety
  • Three hinged doors with perforated plate HS-High Safety
  • Three standard locks

Price example: EUR 7.750,-*

  • Finish steel powder coated
  • Suitable for self-assembly or assembly by a specialist company
  • Floor/ceiling or floor/rail mounting
  • Example shows size 4800 x 4800 mm
  • Cage height 3000 mm
  • Version up to 2400 mm in PP Privacy Protection (closed)
  • From 2400 to 3000 mm in perforated plate AP-Air Permeability
  • Sliding door with stainless steel handle
  • Locking system: standard hook lock

Price example: EUR 6.750,-*

Basics of our work


Which "Technical Organizational Measures (TOM)" have you implemented to comply with Section 32 (1) (b) of the GDPR with regard to confidentiality / availability?

The necessary implementation - physical security is provided by our SME Secure Cage. Your server is located in a secured cage - similar to the rack containments of professional data centers.



Meets the requirements of the DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) Art. 32 Abs. 1 lit. a) – d)

The adequate level of protection according to. 32 Abs. 1 u. 2 DSGVO must be ensured, but what measures are absolutely necessary for this?

Basically, the General Data Protection Regulation divides the TOM into several parts see Art. 32 Abs. 1 lit. a) – d) DSGVO





BDSG § 64 Abs. 3 S.1 as well as S.5

Abs. 3 In the case of automated processing, the controller and the processor shall, after a risk assessment, take measures aimed at:

1. Denying unauthorized persons access to processing equipment with which the processing is performed (access control).,

5. Ensuring that those authorized to use an automated processing system have access only to the personal data covered by their access authorization (access control).


The principles of proper accounting are laid down in the German Commercial Code (HGB). The principles deal with all important guidelines regarding accounting and invoicing.

The principles of security and completeness, which include secure storage and archiving, must be taken into account.


Karsten Winning

Commercial Director

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