SCS cage components

  • Are made from materials that are known for long service life, while by the same token being completely recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Are manufactured by our well-trained qualified personnel
  • Are produced on our CNC machinery

The SCS production workers are especially trained to avoid any contamination like metal chippings or metal dust which may have significant affect to your data centre.

Raw materials for SCS cage components come exclusively from reliable and certified suppliers.
All suppliers are audited regularly according to our specifications and our quality control standards.


  • SCS offers a variety of different solutions consisting of various steel cage materials
  • Thereby, SCS meets the different requirements of our customers with regards to safety, air permeability and appearance.
  • Due to the flexible construction, the SCS cages can always be scaled up or down or may be reconstructed at any time in order to fit the given location and to maximise space efficiency.


for panels in various versions:

  • Perforated metal plates
    in various types
  • Welded wire mesh
    for raised floor protection
  • Large perforations and mesh sizes to allow high air permeability and transparency        
  • Small perforations and mesh sizes for more safety and less translucency


for safety, air permeability, appearance

The example below (pict.1) shows a combination of panels which creates a homogenous appearance

  • 8 mm square perforation up to 2,50 m height to ensure high safety
  • 44 mm square perforation above 2,50 m height to obtain optimised air permeability
  • Get your cage in your own RAL-colour

Flexibility, scalability, sustainability, proven reliability and fast installation.  Our guaranty!

* pict. 2-4 show further versions