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Network cabinets

NETcell is the tailor-made suit among 19" cabinet systems. Individually configurable and easily expandable, it can be adapted to almost any requirement. For example, the combination of basic and baying system enables a particularly flexible, space-saving setup. The system is particularly impressive thanks to its unique, large-volume cable management system. Despite its design as an open rack, the NETcell system can be fully bulkheaded and enclosed in rows of cabinets, thus realizing highly efficient air conditioning.

NETcell Highlights

  • Completely dismountable
  • Individually configurable
  • Basic system with integrated cable ducts over the complete cabinet height
  • Overlength tray (can be used as a trunking system)
  • Modular cable trays for separate routing of data and power cables on the racks
  • Cable ducts for large-volume routing of data and power cables
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning by using the enclosure components
  • Suitable for high loads (1500 kg) due to stable frame construction
  • Utility model protected

Your advantages

19" cabinet system NETcell

Overlength trough

for on-top wiring

Cable tray

For horizontal guidance of cable goods

Radius limiter

for cable management within the vertical cable ducts

Flexible cable routing

over grid gutters

Matching Attachment Material & Extensions


  • PDU holder
  • Cable outlets
  • Partition wall modules
  • Cable feedthroughs
  • Brush bulkhead


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